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Three KainsPriest Khalid Omar
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Fahamme is the name of the new Negro (Khemite) Culture founded on the background of our ancestor worship. Our due reverence for our noble ancestors, ancient and divine whose wisdom graced the land of Egypt, Ethiopia, Arabia, Kaldea, Canaan and the entire torrid zone, the torrid belt of the mystic name Ethiopia.

Fahamme became clear to Paul N. Johnson in the year 1919 in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Since our calendar year begins on December 21, we take our founding date to be December 21, 1919. Thus, Fahamme will celebrate its 100th anniversary on December 21, 2019.  There are Fahamme members all over the united States and efforts are underway to reacquaint and re-affiliate all of those members. At one point prior to the Prophet's death  July 14, 1954 there were active temples in Missouri, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, and others.



This is not one of the seventy-two different denominations in Islam, nor one of the many sects of Judaism and Christianity: But is the key to them all and a most enlightening book (The Fahamme Gospel) from Fahamme the enlightened one; and this book  will make you as wise as any man.


The Fahamme Temple of Jeeze Culture and Science

currently performs its mission primarily using the internet.  Our mission is to propagate the teachings of the Fahamme Ra Rasool by ensuring that literature and other media is available for study for those who want it.  We monitor social media and avail ourselves to questions concerning the message of the Rasool. Coming soon, we will resume our weekly self-development classes on Fridays at 6:00 p.m.

We are located in St. Louis Missouri where we work hand in hand with others who are committed to learning, developing and applying the necessary doctrine which was brought to us by The Fahamme Ra Rasool, Sheik Ahmad Din, Paul Nathaniel Johnson. 




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