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Unsung Heroes of the PastLyric by Paul N. Johnson, music, mixing, piano production: Bryan Pryor, mixing, vocals, acoustic, electric guitar: Khalid Omar



'I would classify as saints some of the following: Atum, Kem, Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Queens Tee, Nefrah, and Balkis Mukidah, Osar, Ori, Frederick Douglass, Menelik, Nat Turner, Dred Scott, John Brown, George Carver, Ptah, Isis, Phyliss Wheatley, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Antar of Arabia, Bilal, Marcus Garvey, William Crowdy, Richard Allen, Aesop-Lukeman, Cadmus, William Christian, Benjamin Bannekar, Toussant Loverture, Enoch-Idris, Khufu-Cephus, Amen, Amun-Ra, Drew Ali, Hathor, Lovejoy, Pashta, Neith, Amenti, Sebu, and many others including Andromeda and Cassiopia.' Fahamme Ra Rasool


The individuals below are deemed Saints by the Temple of Jeeze Culture and Science because of their outstanding contributions to the advancement of our culture after the transitioning of the Fahamme Ra Rasool

Adept High Sheik Wabra Samahi (03/23/1903 - 10/31/1994)


High Sheik Wabra Semahi joined Fahamme in 1928.  During his tenure here in the flesh the Adept High Sheik made many accomplishments.  He wrote numerous speeches, gave lectures and taught many lessons on a variety of subjects.  He bought and paid for two temples, one in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and one in the city of East St. Louis, Illinois.  He established a Temple in Duquoin, Illinois.  Under his leadership, a radio program, aired regularly on several local stations, was produced called "The Voice of Fahamme".  He had blue prints drawn up for a Fahamme Temple to be built on a lot he and his followers bought on Page Avenue.  He reproduced the Holy Fahamme Gospel with additional teachings of the Fahamme Prophet.  And, he reprinted and reproduced many booklets thus preserving the teachings of the Fahamme Prophet making them available for the future generations.

High Imam Habib Dehauk (06/18/1911 - 01/02/2000)


High Imam Habib Dehauk joined Fahamme in the year 1928 along with his brother Adept High Sheik Wabra Semahi.  He always told the story of how he came to one meeting and joined the next week and that he never had a need to join any other organization after that.
Through the spiritual guidance and enlightenment of the Fahamme Prophet Paul N. Johnson, his inquisitiveness and learning skills came into play.  It was the knowledge of Islam that inspired him to stare adversity in the face and strive for greatness.  This drive made him an outstanding baseball player in the Negro Leagues, and an eventual Hall of Famer. The High Imam was an outstanding member of the community and was co-founder of Mathews/Dickey's Boys Club and it should be noted that Imam Habib and Martin Mathews were the sixth and seventh persons to ever receive the the Presidential Citizen Award, the 2nd highest honor that a President may present to a civilian:, for their lifetime achievements  in 1981.

High Priest Ptah Ra (08/02/1944 - 07/20/2013)


Fahamme High Priest

High Priest Ptah Ra is a disciple of the Prophet of Amun-Ra, The Honorable Paul Nathaniel Johnson. Brother Ptah was first introduced to the Teachings of Fahamme in the winter of 1960-1961, when he first met Brother El Amen. Ptah found Brother El Amen to be articulate and interesting and spent long periods of time listening to Brother El speak about "Fahamme". Ptah visited the Fahamme Temple in St. Louis in the spring of 1961, and joined a week later, thus beginning his initiation into the Fahamme Schools of Science and Understanding.

As a result of his studies in Fahamme, Ptah was soon promoted through the ranks. His appointed positions were: Student Minister, Minister, Student Sheikh, Sheikh, Student Priest, Priest, and finally High Priest. This journey lasted over a period of some twenty years. High Priest Ptah Ra has also taught Fahamme Science Classes for male members, and later for a mixed audience, and has been referred to as a master by some of his students in the science of Fahamme. High Priest Ptah Ra has also sponsored and operated a Fahamme summer program for neighborhood children.
As the historian and archiver of the Fahamme literature, High Priest Ptah Ra has authored numerous newspaper articles for the Temple's weekly newspaper column, served as spokesman and producer for the Temple's Sunday Morning radio program-"The Voice of Fahamme", produced numerous copies of Temple literature for public consumption, copyrighted and printed an expanded edition of the Holy Fahamme Gospel under the direction of the High Sheikh Wabra Semahi, and reproduced many copies of original works by the Fahamme Rasool. Presently High Priest Ptah Ra was in the process of compiling many of the unpublished writings of the Fahamme Rasool into one volume, before his transition.
High Priest Ptah Ra was committed to the Fahamme movement, and had a genuine desire to see that the Teachings of Fahamme are available to all who seek and desire the information.  
Fahamme Hamdu

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