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Fahamme Temple of Jeeze Culture and Science

The first and oldest name of this race was Jeeze
(Gods and Goddesses, Elect of God). HFG 3:1


This is your identification among Gods  and men.  All are Sons and Daughters of God or Heaven regardless of Race, Creed, Color, or place of birth. HFG 3:3


But the gods and goddesses are mild in manner and speech, full of goodness and mercy, helpers of others in distress, speaking words of wisdom and understanding, clean in body, and in mind; these are the Elect of God full of strength and beauty. HFG 3:10                                                                                                                                            

Priest Khalid Omar  and his wife Lilahi

One of the many trades of High Priest Ptah Ra is that of Printer, and in 1974 he began teaching an area of that field at O'Fallon Technical High School in St. Louis, MO.  One the premier students in his first class was me, Priest Khalid (not known by that name at that time).

As a Graphic Arts Student of "Mr. Ra" I was curious about the name Ptah Ra.  I was also intrigued with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that he possessed.  In addition, I was highly impressed with his ability to stimulate my intellect and to challenge my mental capacity on a daily basis.  I was so impressed, that I maintained a student teacher relationship with him throughout my college years and until this day.  

When I was a junior in college, I was president of what was called the Black Students Association.  I invited "Mr. Ra"  down to the campus to speak to the African American population.  In order to advertise for the program, I needed  information concerning his background to put on the poster.  That was when I learned for the first time that he was associated with an organization called Fahamme.  "Mr. Ra" came to the university and spoke, addressing the issues of Greeks, education  and particularly the need for us to learn to identify with our own culture, not the Greeks.  He explained that the Greeks received their education from the Egyptians and that as a matter of fact, an Egyptian wrote the Greek alphabet.  He posed the question, why have a Greek letter fraternity or sorority when the Khemite Pantheon preceded the Greeks by thousands of years, was much greater, it was ours, and the great advancements the Greeks made started with us.  

From that point forward, I began to study vigorously the culture of my ancestors and adopted the name Khepera Atum.  After graduating college, I sought out "Mr. Ra" and finally received my first copy of the Holy Fahamme Gospel.  The name Khepera wasn't in the gospel as one of the Fahamme lucky names so I choose from the list, Khalid Omar.  Primarily because I was in the military, and I was a warrior.

A couple years after I returned to St. Louis, "Mr. Ra"  left to pursue employment elsewhere; but before leaving, he introduced me to High Imam Habib Dehauk (Dickey Balentine co-founder of Mathew Dickey's Boys Club).  High Imam Habib became my djinn and I was under his tutelage until his passing in the year 2000.  During that time, we made several attempts to rebuild the Fahamme organization.  Habib was one of the most astute individuals I have ever known in my life.

During my tutelage under the High Imam, I maintained constant communications with whom I now know as High Priest Ptah Ra, and as communications technology advanced, it became easier for the High Priest to continue to teach where High Imam Habib left off.

In the later part of the year 2000, I launched the first Fahamme web site at  After a while, the momentum subsided, the web site ceased and the domain name was lost.  It was acquired by another Fahamme Temple.

Eventually, the energy and momentum returned, and in 2008 I was asked by the High Priest what role I wanted to assume in Fahamme, the same question I had been asked by High Imam Habib many years ago.  I responded, I would like to be a Priest.  That was the point when my Priesthood training began.  Little did I know, the labor or the rewards.

Under the direction of High Priest Ptah Ra, I have introduced him at the semi-annual lectures at Sabayet Cultural Center, coordinated many feast celebrations, appeared with him on the Bernie Hayes radio talk shows and his TV show, accompanied him on the Anita Collins talk show;  written articles in each of the newly revised newsletter and am responsible for its distribution; designed the covers for most of the recently published publications including "The Need for Culture"; accompanied him to new Orleans to establish a Fahamme chapter there; authored this and previous websites, created a Fahamme Calendar and am the operating officer of the Fahamme Temple of Jeeze Culture and Science. 
It is my genuine desire to continue the High Priest's legacy of making the Teachings of Fahamme available to all who seek and desire the information.  Who will help me?


Fahamme Tak Kri Ban Gami (Fahamme Above All).

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