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The Fahamme Rasool


Paul N. Johnson 1934

"I have perfected the religion of
Isis, El, Amun, Ra, and all the cults of Africa, and named it Fahame or Divine Understanding

"There were cultured people among the Pharaoh, and Cushite, and Kainite, Priests of the Most High God like Enoch-Idris, Melik-Sedik of Salem, Ahkun-Aten, and Amen-Nofi, and now is again manifest on Earth in the image of the Prophet of Ra the Ra Rasool. I have perfected the religion of Isis, El, Amun, Ra, and all the cults of Africa, and named it Fahame or Divine Understanding. Many will cry, heathen, pagan, etc., not knowing what they say nor the meaning of the words they use. But there has always been holy men and women in the world, even among the savages. Behold, I make all things new, and giveth old things a new name. One must add something new to what one already knows or there will be no progress. The Most High God has given me the Spirit of Fahame and set before me a new lamp of knowledge." Holy Fahamme Gospel 9-18

Fahamme Ra Rasool

Paul N. Johnson


The Honorable Paul N. Johnson, The Fahamme Prophet and Master-Mystic was born in Hempstead County, Arkansas. June 10, 1888 according to his records or May 29th according to those that know him.  It is generally celebrated on the later date.  He is of African-Arab ancestry. He was strange from youth, adept, apt and mysterious. He was an interpreter of Dreams and Visions.

He attended and graduated from Philander-Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduation he began a quest to more fully realize the interpretation and understanding of the psychic messages he had been the recipient of since childhood. One of those psychic messages was the words Fahamme of Isis, El, Amun.


It was told to me by the High Priest Ptah Ra, that, one summer evening while walking in down town St. Louis, MO, Paul Nathaniel Johnson came upon a gentleman speaking on a soap box.  It was common in those days for evangelist to stand upon a soap box and speak to the people as they moved through the streets.  On this particular day, the person of note was a gentleman by the name of Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of Qadian, Punjab, India, the first Moslem Missionary to America, representing the Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, head of the Ahmadia Movement in Islam, which was founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


After hearing Dr. Mufti speak, Paul N. Johnson told him that what he said was not completely correct.  Upon being challenged, Dr. Mufti gave the standard Islamic response.  Can you do better?  Paul Johnson as he was known at that time, replied yes.  Dr. Mufti offered him the platform of which Mr. Johnson accepted and preceded to teach the lesson without fault.  Dr. Mufti then asked Mr. Johnson how did he know what he knew.  Mr. Johnson's reply was, "I don't know, I just know".  It was at that time that Dr. Mufti offered him an opportunity.  The Rasool accepted, was appointed Shiek and given the name Ahmad Din.  A title and name that the Rasool revered even after he developed into further knowledge and understanding of his own mission.


In the year 1919 as the Rasool continued to teach Islam from the Ahmadian perspective, his vision begain to become clearer.   The meaning of Fahamme was completely revealed.  He understood that the Negro, Blackman, Kemite, or African would need to view a thing from his own perspective;  that we would have to revamp our ancient culture and make it new and up to date, that we would have to worship our own God in Islam;  that Islam was ours and that we were the progenators of the three major religions;  He does not claim to be the Prophet of Allah, but the Prophet of Amun-Ra, and the Ro-baitu. Islam simply means Isis, El, Amun. Moslem means, There are many of the Isis-El-Amuns. Israel simply means, Isis, Ra, and El. Christ simply means, Ka, Ra, Isis. And that is the key to all religions. And they are MY and YOUR ANCESTORS.

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