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Suggested Readings

It is highly recommended that anyone interested in elevating their consciousness should read and re-search (study) The Holy Fahamme Gospel.  This book should be in the library of every African (Kemite) in the world.  It is the "key to all bibles and cultures.  Other books that will aid you in your development are:


The Holy Quran

The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temples of America

The Christian Bible

Fahamme Literature

Available only from the Fahamme Website

Change Gods


The God Idea

Fahamme Tenets of our Faith

Spiritual Literature

Kemitic Authors

The Metu Neter

The Husia

Non Fiction

The African Origins of Civilization

The Came Before Columbus

Stolen Legacy

The Miseducation of the Negro

Enemies: the Clash of Races

The Distruction of Black Civilization

European Writers



Mysteries From Ancient History

G. Hancock & R. Bauval

The Vatican Heresy

R. Bauval

Black Genesis

R. Bauva

Land of Osiris

(Things Egyptologist won't say)

Ancient Kemit

Stephen Mehler

Before the Pyramids -The origins of Egyptain Civilization

University of Chicago

Magical Egypt - The Invisible Science Part 1-8

Stephen Mehler

Anunnaki Ancient Terminology

Egypt Exposed - The Origins of Civilization

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