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The Message

The message of the Fahamme Rasool is that the long awaited time of the revival of Jeeze Culture arrived with his advent. He proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of all of our ancient noble Gods and the spokesperson for all of our ancient Goddesses. He asserts that reincarnation and worship of our noble ancestors is the path we must travel to gain the spiritual strength and spiritual power required to throw off the evils of this world and reclaim our rightful place at the head of the nations of the world.

He teaches that the future of the black man depends upon him revamping his pre-slavery status. The pre-slavery status of black people is Jeeze (Gods and Goddesses).  Jeeze is also the first and oldest name of our race. The language of our race is Lisson Jeeze (tongue of the Gods/Goddesses) called Metu Neter by many today. He teaches that our languages and our history are the keys to our culture which is still intact after centuries of efforts to destroy it and remove it from the face of the earth. In fact, he teaches that the greater discoveries of our ancient cultures are yet to be discovered.


                                                                                                                                             High Preist Ptah Ra

We Know and Understand

Paul Nathaniel Johnson is a prophet of the God Amun-Ra.  He was sent to the Kemites of the world.


Paul Nathaniel Johnson received Divine Revelation and made prophecies.


Every prophet writes a Bible or Holy Book.  The Fahamme Prophet wrote the "Holy Fahamme Gospel" as the Holy Bible for the Kemite race.


Each prophet brings a new name for Almighty God to a people for their exclusive use.


A new culture for the khemites is required.  Ancestor worship is the basis of the new culture introduced to us.


Monogamy:  One husband and one wife is the law of Fahamme and the mood of the gods

The Fahamme Creed

God is here to serve man and man is here to serve God and they are both partners.  The seat of His throne is my conscience and He is ever persent.  I believe in Fahamme the Universal Spirit that guards by night and by day and he has many names of power, mercy, strength, and beauty.  I believe that all are from God and to Him all must return to him when they die. The most High God created the universe and the Gods are made the servants of men.  The living shall die and the dead shall rise and thus it goes on forever.  Amen

Some of the tenets of the Fahamme cultural program are:

  • The existence of a strictly racial God.  Amun-Ra is the name of our ancestral God.


  • A unique culture built on the customs and traditions of our ancestors is necessary for the revival of our race.


  • The establishment of an educational system designed to meet the unique needs of the African or Kemite.


  • All of the world's religions come out of Africa (Kem) and they worship our ancestors as their saints and saviors, or they worship God according to the ideas of our ancestors.


  • We resurrect our ancestors or their spirits by merely talking to them or about them, or in dreams, visions, and invocations.


  • That there is an Angel or a Jinn (genius) to aid the African or Khemite in their every wish and endeavor.

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