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The Purpose of Life (Ferguson, MO)

It was brought to my attention by my daughters that there were people expecting a response from me concerning the riots in Ferguson, MO. Well, I can't imagine. But even if the only people expecting a response was the two of them, I'm flattered. And so, here it is: Adept High Sheik Wabra Semahi explained it extremely well in his essay, "The purpose of Life" published in the book Enlightenment", and I am paraphrasing.: The purpose of life of a thing is that thing. What you are doing in life is your purpose in life, and everything has a purpose. If you are rioting, that is your purpose in life. If you desire greater things in life then do greater things and then that becomes your purpose in life. If not for the riots, would the incident get the attention it is getting? I don't condone the rioting but for the people doing it, that is their purpose. They feel (emotion) they have no greater purpose. That is their great purpose to them. So they feel (emotion) that what they are doing will get the result they seek.

The High Priest Ptah used to say that "we are too emotional in the wrong way". And Asked "what happens to the thought process when one becomes emotional? And Replied, "It takes a back seat to the emotion". That is what is happening in Ferguson.

The Fahamme Rasool gave us the solution to the problem a long time ago. He said that the police are too busy beating us over the head with billy clubs instead of with the right books.

If my brothers and sisters were more correctly educated, they would have an even higher purpose, they would know that there are always always better alternatives. And what is call a peaceful protest AINT it. Neither method will solve our problem. Even if we convicted every cop that ever killed an innocent black person, we would still have thousands of African Americans throughout the country killing each other. Where are the riots and protest to stop that? It doesn't matter, that method hasn't and won't solve our real problem. Don't believe me, then continue to make that your purpose in life. You will continue to get the same results. You may get a temporary satisfaction (emotion) with the conviction of Officer Wilson or some other short sighted goal, but our age old problem will still persist. And we will be rioting again in short order, because what happened to Michael Brown will continue to happen like it has continued to happen. Let's not be so emotional as to lose sight of a higher purpose.

Gil Scott Heron knowingly or unknowingly reiterated the message of the Fahamme Rasool in his song the revolution will not be televised. He said that what you see in the streets is the results, and he implied, of a short sighted revolution. He said that the real revolution is when you begin to change the way you think. The Rasool said that proper education, and I'm not referring to the one that most are getting in the current educational system, is what is needed to stop the madness (my words). What ever you are doing in life, that is your purpose in life. There are lower purposes and there are higher purposes. You determine your purpose in life. Every thing fulfills it's purpose in life.

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