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Change God

This blog is the result of a statement made by a young Fahamme whose name is Ali. We were talking about undeveloped statements made by some in the "conscience" African American community. Statements Like "They don't believe in religion" and "Jesus was a Black man". The problem with both of these statements is that they let others define them both, without careful examination. The Fahamme Ra Rasool defined religion as the worship of someone's ancestors coupled with an idea about God. To worship means to give due reverence, due reverence means respect and honor. An idea about God is simply an idea concerning how you came into existence. Are you telling me that you don't want to give honor and respect to your noble ancestors and their knowledge of how we came to be. And, regardless of what color they have given their man of the cloth, the truth of the matter is what counts. And the truth is that the principles which he represented are those of Ausar the SUN of God and there is no doubt that he is yours and my ancestor.

In Ferguson Missouri and all over the country, People have been rioting and/or protesting to bring about positive change in the justice system. How many of these people have actually done the math. We have had enough rioting and protesting in the past 7 decades to devise sufficient data to determine whether or not rioting and protesting is an effective method or tool. The data says NO. Because if it were, we would not be dealing with the same exact issues today that we were dealing with when we burned Detroit, when we burned Chicago, when we burned LA, when we marched in Birmingham, when we marched in DC. We are dealing with the same basic issue; injustice. Some would say, “we’ve made progress”. Well, Imam Habib Dehauk used to say about apartheid, “they ain’t asking for anything”, and if you aren’t asking for anything and you get what you ask for, what have you gotten? Some grants, Affirmative Action, EEO? REALLY?

The Fahamme Ra Rasool said that, “Whatever a people is like, their God is just like that. If you love anybody, your God loves them. When you are angry with anybody, your God is angry with or at them. Whatever your condition, that is the condition of your God. You and your God are one and the same thing. The Creature is bound to have some traits or some characteristics of the Creator. Everybody's Gods have their whims and fancies just as people have.” Since all conditions are the manifestation of a thought, this means that you, your thoughts and your God are inseparable.

Change God simply means change the way you think.

Let’s examine this subject deeper still, by comparing the way we currently think to a way of thinking that would produce more positive results. There are millions of examples I could show you, but I’ll just use one.

You think the way you think because of what was given to you through past generations. If I don’t want you to think like kings and queens, I will need to cut your ties with that way of thinking.

In slavery, the educational method, religious institutions, the sword or the whip, in our case, print media, now radio and television were and are all designed to keep you from reuniting your ties with correct thinking, TRUE UNITY. So when you think of greatness, you don’t think of your noble ancestors, as model for which you should follow, you think of Paul, John, Luke, Peter, Mathew, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Jesus, etc.; someone else’s ancestors. In other words you worship someone else’s ancestors and someone else’s ideas of the universe/God, (one in the same). What's wrong with yours?

A way of thinking that would benefit us from a spiritual standpoint (THE MOST POWERFUL STANDPOINT), is that we preoccupied the ground in peace and although what is called evil always existed, we were on the positive end of it. Jabal Cain, Jubal Cain and Tubal Cain are models whose roles are worth duplicating, and so are Ra, Ptah, Amunra, Ausar, Auset, Tehuti and other noble ancestors of Kemetic descent. These are the spirits of your noble ancient ancestor who are waiting to assist you when you come to the realization that they are there for you.

Change God. Many will say that there is but one God and I would agree. But he has many names/attributes. “And every nation has a name for God and calls upon God by His different names and He hears their prayers and delivers them.” Fahamme Ra Rasool.

In the Christian bible, 29:5: The Hebrews in Egypt worshipped the Gods of their oppressors until Moses discovered the Hebrew God. The Hebrew God presented a new way of thinking, a more correct way; a new perspective. In turn, the Hebrews received new results; results that were of course in-tune with their new way of thinking.

On January 18th at 11:00 a.m. I will be lecturing at the Temple of Divine Understanding located at 3425 Garfield, St. Louis MO. 63113. This is a preview of that lecture.

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