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What About Forgiving

By Thaha Fahame Auten

In the scheme of things…Does it really matter who was at fault?

Can I sacrifice “ALL” the good that has developed between us?

Our growth and our development…TOGETHER,

Our shared accomplishments…via the grace and mercy of Amen Ra,

The truth and the light… What About Forgiving? It is priceless, having

Untold value… Can I just give it up and walk away? It could take another

Lifetime to get it back…or I can act on the “Question” from my soul force…

What About Forgiving? I ponder, as I reflect on what I was tempted to…

Just throw away. My heart aches….Foolish pride abates…refusing to capitulate,

Yet, I’m being forced to gaze into my minds’ eye, at an image that just won’t go

AWAY… It just keeps coming…I struggle to look away…but I can’t keep that

haunting question at bay. My inner being stares at my outer self… face to face…

With an urgency that seeks resolve to that unanswered question… that just won’t

go away. What About Forgiving? Negativity gives refuge to blatant

hostility…Torture abounds… self imposed captivity. How heavy this load has

been, that has created a gulf between sisters and friends. In the scheme of

things…it doesn’t really matter who was at fault, my inability to embrace

tranquility could potentially trigger…my own demise if I don’t release that brutal

beast …that continues to harbor ill will, a poisonous pill. What About Forgiving?

The very medicine that is sure to heal body and soul, doesn’t cost much, yet, it is

worth its weight in gold. This makes me ponder as I contemplate…What About


I will be forever thankful for my noble ancient ancestors and the lessons they

have learned and continue to teach… through many life times on old sweet

Mother Earth. How can I ever thank them for force feeding those priceless

lessons relentlessly, to me…all the time nudging and prodding me… a relentless force that refused to give up… Badgering, haunting and ever so gently encouraging me to release “ALL” baggage…in recognition of the need to be free

from self imposed agony…Wailing, wailing, wailing to be heard…

What About Forgiving?

The refrain plays on…lost and alone a victim of my own captivity.

Miraculously, by Most High’s grace, I was saved. Our precious noble

ancient ancestors have so lovingly brought me out of myself imposed dungeon

darkness… into the light of forgiveness. This truth filled lesson has liberated

me! In the scheme of things…it never, ever really mattered who was at

fault…what really matters is learning the lesson of forgiveness “All of Us” are being taught.

What About Forgiving?

Help heal the broken spirit of fallen humanity…


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