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Know ye that the Sun himself was in Ancient days called a Man

"Know ye that the Sun himself was in Ancient days called a Man, the man above, the Son of Man or the Sun Man, and the name Man was many times used for God." What does this mean? This is the first paragraph in the Fahamme Gospel, yet many do not understand what it means nor do they understand how we can use it to our advantage. This essay is designed to shed light on the subject.

Why was the sun called a man?

What is man?

What is the sun?

The Sun

Let us begin with the latter. We know that the sun is the source of all light, life and energy, FG 2:6 "The source of all warmth, energy, health, and life is RA or the sunshine, and his brother SHU or the Air." But we are taught to not pray to the sun but to the spirit that created the sun, a greater source. So, the sun is a physical manifestation of the Spirit or Universal Mind or Allah. Hence the Sun of God. The same spirit that created the sun also created man. "God created man in his own image". So the Spirit is the image of God that man was created in.


A man is defined in the dictionary as many things. But as I read deeper into the Fahamme Gospel, It explains that man is the spirit of God manifested. 1:4 "When one becomes conscious that he or she is a Son of Man or the Sun, or a Daughter of the Sun or Moon; then they know they are gods and goddesses in the earth regardless of race, creed, color or place of birth." How explicit is that? It may seem clear but the Fahamme Ra Rasool was much more in depth than that. The Fahamme Rasool (PBUH) took it further. He wanted us to understand that "In every known substance there is found the presence of mind. The greater the degree of mind, expressed, the greater is life manifested." Enl 26. That means that Allah is omnipresent. It was explained by High Priest Ptah Ra that there is no difference in our mind and the Universal Mind except in magnitude or quantity. The quality is the same. Consciousness is more than about being aware, it has practical application. Becoming conscious that he or she is the son of man or the sun is something that Man can do to elevate him or herself to the next level while here on earth and beyond. Only man can do it. Plants can't do it. Inanimate objects can't do it. But man can. And in addition, stronger minds are able to rule weaker minds. Bend them to their will. Mind and soul may be used interchangeably. They are both spiritual components And as the Ra Rasool says in the lesson Soul Power, "according to its power it may have dominion over many things animate or inanimate. CG 14:9. It is also worth noting at this point what the Ra Rasool said in the next paragraph, 14:10, "And a number of these souls working together can change the course of human events ".

The Sun Man

So the sun is a manifestation of the spirit that created it. As above, so it is below. Fahamme The Sun rules 12 constellations, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pieces. The Ra Rasool says our heaven of old. 13:3 "Even in these places they (our ancestors) built Towers of Bab-El (doors or gates to Heaven or God). Observatories and planetariums where they watched the stars and planets, recorded eclipses, and perfected the Science of Astronomy all of which were necessary at that time, that was our Heaven and Earth of old, now we must build a new Heaven and Earth by the grace and spirit of the All Mighty God."

The body of man is also divided into 12 parts and each is relative to a section of the heaven which corresponds to the earth; the head, neck, shoulders (arms and hands all one), breast, heart, ribs, stomach or gut, loins or sexual organs, thigh, knees, calfs, and the feet. The Sun Man. "Sura, The Sun of Man" is a story that illustrates how and where each section of the Sun Man corresponds or influences the earth, which is also divided into12 sections. As above, so it is below. "This Ethiopian story is also the origin of the twelve months in a year." Fahamme Ra Rasool. See Change Gods, Chapter 4, Sura: Son of Man 15,000 BC.

The "how", referring to the statement in the first paragraph, how can we use it to our advantage, is governed by the Angel or God that has the dominant influence over a person. Remember, FG 3:16. "There are legions of Fahame Angels to serve you and aid you in any endeavor by the Most High permission. For instance, if you desire to invent a certain thing, there is an angel to bring you information. If you desire to accomplish a certain work, there is an angel to serve you in any given capacity."

It is pretty obvious to some, by now, why the Sun was called Man, but let me conclude with an original quote and a referral. "There are laws which govern the Universe. We are a part of the Universe, therefore, those same laws govern us." As above, so it is below. Also read "The Cake" at - Al Indah, vol 3 no. 2. Celestial Atonement,

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