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Question: who preceded Dr. Ben Jochannan who philosophized on the origins of civilization and religions, Dr. John Henrik Clark who philosophized on the origins of Christianity, Ivan Van Sertima, who taught concerning the original inhabitants of North and South America, Ra Un Nefer Amen who has extensive writings concerning our spiritual connection to the Universe and others who have attempted to connect the dots concerning us, our ancestors and our spiritual being? Paul Nathaniel Johnson the Fahamme Rasool. His philosophies and teachings covered the entire spectrum of both human (cultural) and spiritual growth. In other words, he gave the complete solution to the problems of the Kemite in America and world wide. No one else has ever made such a claim. He was the Prophet of Amunra, no one else in modern times has ever made such a claim. He identified the problem of black people in America with one term, lack of Culture and he laid down a complete foundation for our development, a culture of our on, based on the knowledge wisdom and understandings (foundation) of our noble ancient ancestors. He also prophesied the coming of great scholars who proceeded him when he said, "since his advent negro culture clubs are springing up everywhere".

Professor Yosef Ben Jochannan born (1918 - 2015) is an Kemologist. Perhaps his greatest achievement stems from his long, unwavering theme that the ancient civilizations along the Nile were African or Kemites.

"The ultimate goal" of his book his book, African Origins of the Major Western Religions: first published in 1970 was "to show the definite links between exclusively indigenous traditional African learning systems with these so-called "Western Religions."

In his books, "The Need for a Black Bible" and "Our Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without a Black Theology", he outlines sources of Black theology before Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. "It's important for us to know that the ideas, practices, and concepts that went into the making of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were already old in Africa before Europe was born." Dr. Ben.

By 1919 one year after Dr. Ben was born, Paul Nathaniel Johnson the Fahamme Rasool was teaching about the African origins of civilization and religions. "Islam simply means Isis, El, Amun. Moslem means, there are many of the Isis-El-Amuns. Israel simply means, Isis, Ra, and El. Christ simply means, Ka, Ra, Isis. And that is the key to all religions. And they are MY and YOUR ANCESTORS. " Fahamme Gospel

The Fahamme Rasool taught us that the Hamites (Kemites/Kamite) were the fathers and progenitors of three great religious systems: Islam, Hinduism (Buddhism), and Christianity. Ten thousand years before the birth of Jesus. Peace and the Blessings of the Most High be upon all the prophets of God.

In addition, by 1943 the Fahamme Rasool had already answered the call for the need of a black (Kemitic) theology and a bible, he had published the Holy Fahamme Gospel, a bible and the key to all other bibles and cultures.

John Henrik Clarke (1915 - 1998) was considered a Pan-Africanist writer, historian, professor, and a pioneer in the creation of Africana studies. He wrote, "Anytime someone say's your God is ugly and you release your God and join their God, there is no hope for your freedom until you once more believe in your own concept of the "deity." And that's how we're trapped. We have been educated into believing someone else's concept of the deity, and someone else's standard of beauty. You have the right to practice any religion and politics in a way that best suits your freedom, your dignity, and your understanding. And once you do that, you don't apologize." John Henrik Clarke

Many years before Dr. Clarke made those statements, the Fahamme Rasool explained very succinctly that "Culture means to worship your own Most High God, your own saints, gods, and goddesses; those who do not do this are devoid of culture."

The Rasool's statement that Man must free himself from the restraint of negative opinions, and produce positive ideas about history, religion, society, and culture; of space, dimension, geography, mathematics, time, and eternity. In order to strengthen himself in pride, honour, and self-respect encapsulated our need to change our perception of the way we see things, long before Dr. Clarke beautifully restated the consequences of looking at thing from a view point that does not dignify us nor safe guard our welfare.

Ivan Van Sertima (1935 - 2009) authored the book, "They Came Before Columbus" which reveals a compelling, dramatic, and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in the Ancient Americas".

They Came Before Columbus examined navigation and shipbuilding; cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans. Ivan Van Sertima builds a pyramid of evidence to support his claim of an African presence in the New World, centuries before Columbus.

He was said to have pioneered works in linguistics and anthropology. The greatness of his work is not to be disputed, but it should be pointed out that his works eloquently substantiates what the Ra Rasool revealed many years before he was born. Therefore, the Fahamme Rasool was the pioneer.

In chapter 15 of the Holy Fahamme Gospel, titled, We are the Ancients. The Fahamme Rasool wrote: "Just as the Sun calls forth life out of the dead earth of spring and winter, just so may we, indeed, call forth the spirits of our Ancestors from this very soil here beneath our feet. I doubt if the fact has ever occurred to the Moslem, and I know the fact has never occurred to the Christian Negro, that America in truth is his homeland as well as Africa is his homeland. Because we are the Ancients. The name “America” originated from the name of an Ancient Kaldean God “Omurka”, and was a common name among the Aethiopians long before the Italians and Spaniards came into existence. In Ancient times our Kushite and Ethiopian ancestors walked the streets of St. Louis, and built mounds and pyramids along the banks of the Nile of America, the Mizri and Mississippi rivers, and the bones of our Ancestors hallowed and made this ground holy for us, their blood, and their bones made the soil of America rich, long before the coming of Columbus. We are the Ancients."

As to linguistics, the Rasool a man of many languages, teaches in chapter 2 of the Holy Fahamme Gospel that "The first and oldest name of this race was Jeeze (Gods and Goddesses, Elect of God). Their language was called Lisson Jeeze, the tongue of the gods. It is now called Amharic, Arabic, Ethiopic, Egyptian, Hebrew and so on." " We are the Ancients."

Ra Un Nefer Amun, (1944 - present) is the founder of the Ausar Auset Society dedicated to providing Afrocentric based spiritual training to people of African descent. Amazon.Com introduces "The Metu Neter", one of his most prolific works, in this manner: The oracles of Ancient Black Civilizations aimed to guide individuals and nations in all areas of life. Through them it was possible to discover the spiritual cause and meaning to earthly events. These great oracles prescribed the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the initiate in order to control the events of his life.

By 1944 the Fahamme Rasool had already nearly fulfilled his mission in the physical. He had taught us concerning the understanding of our spiritual selves, how to harmonize with the Universe and prepare for the new age, Aquarius, for at least 20 years prior. He summed up the occult when he stated, "space and power are infinite. Develop your power. Get power and strength from stars, from the planets, from woods, from stones, from perfumes, from color, from lights, from herbs, from the proper food and drinks, study nature and derive power from her. Examine everything then you will be in tune with the infinite!" Change Gods-Fahamme Rasool

It is vital to note the Importance of the contributions of our great researchers and academic scholars. The prophecies of the Fahamme Ra Rasool is being fulfilled by their genius and intellectual prowess. The purpose of this essay is to encourage the study of our history and the development of our higher selves.

The Fahamme Ra Rasool, Professor Paul Nathaniel Johnson (1888-1954) developed a complete cultural program that would assist us in our pursuit to achieve our spiritual and cultural pinnacle. He was indeed a Prophet of Amunra. He received Divine revelations and made prophecies. He wrote a bible for the Kemite race and brought a new name for God, Fahamme.

Fahamme High Priest Ptah Ra taught us as he was taught by the Adept High Sheik Wabra Samahi who was taught by the Rasool himself, that we must look at everything from our own cultural perspective. It is the standard by which everything else should be measured. If it does not fall within our own cultural confines, then it isn't ours, we should leave it alone. Our culture is Fahamme. The Fahamme Rasool constructed the foundation by which if we continue to build and use as a guide, we will succeed. He was the culture Prophet.

Come into the Fahamme family of World Brotherhood and begin to live the new life.

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