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An Introduction to Fahamme

We believe that it is very important to understand the history and background of anything that you may desire to become a part of or be a part of. Therefore, our first lecture series will center on subjects designed to help you to get to know who we are and to help you to understand the philosophy of the organization. We will began by introducing the founder of the movement, Our Prophet. Paul N. Johnson, the Fahamme Rasool, peace be upon him. He is the Culture Prophet, so we will discuss a bit about that.

This lesson was written by High Priest Ptah Ra but includes a few inserts from myself.

Who was Paul Nathaniel Johnson (Sheik Ahmad Din)?

Birth of the Prophet

The Fahamme Prophet and Master-Mystic was born in Hempstead County, Arkansas, County Seat, Washington, Arkansas on June 10, 1888 (May 29, 1888).

He was considered strange at an early age. Adept, apt and mysterious; an interpreter of dreams and visions; He served as a junior chemist in the U.S. Civil Service; and as a sergeant in World War I. Paul Nathaniel Johnson attended Philander Smith College at Little Rock, Ark., where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Paul Nathaniel Johnson was the first African-American man ever ordained and appointed a Moslem Sheikh on American soil. His ordination and appointment was consecrated by Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of Qadian, Punjab, India; the first Moslem missionary to America, representing the Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, head of the Ahmadia movement in Islam, which was founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Paul Nathaniel Johnson is the author of numerous poems, songs, essays, booklets, etc.; The Fahamme Prophet wrote a revealed Bible entitled "The Holy Book of Ham-Al-Kem."

Amun-Ra blessed him with many gifts and talents--among them: oratory, writing, chemistry, clear visions and languages. During his earthly pilgrimage he suffered much persecution, but Amun-Ra has given him the victory. Since the advent of his Spirit, Khemetic culture clubs are springing up everywhere.

He distributed information about the divine revelations he had received far and wide among the network of missions he had established. These missions stretched from St. Louis, MO where he was headquartered, to Los Angeles, CA, then on to Cleveland, OH and Denver, CO, eastward to Coffeyville, KS and Detroit, MI and then on to Gary, IN, Chicago, IL, Glasco, NY and other locations throughout the country.


The Fahamme Prophet communicated the message to the general public and his far flung following of black Americans, that the time had come for the black man to lift himself from the heels of his oppressors, and to begin to learn and understand the purpose and use of a "culture of his own".

The Culture Prophet

He communicated to the masses that the time had arrived for the black race to employ a culture that addressed his unique and specific needs. The FAHAMME prophet taught that the time had come for the black race to develop a culture that explained the origins of his own race so that he could be freed from the cultural doctrines of other nations and the limitations and restrictions they place upon us.

He taught that it is time for the development of a culture that supported the black race's natural and unique way of seeing and understanding everything, and then give accurate expression to things as he saw and understood them.

The time had come for the establishment of a process or method that would consistently develop and support the latent talents and abilities of the black race as they began to emerge in this new era or new age.

He taught that the time had come for the reestablishment of a process and means of enlisting the help and assistance of those noble black souls (our ancestors) that have preceded our existence on this earth.

He taught that the time had come for the establishment of a means of reconnecting directly with an infinite source of power that is designed exclusively for use by the black race without the need for intermediaries from other races and cultures.

For each of the things I just enumerated the FAHAMME Prophet brought inspired instructions to teach the black race how to achieve these objectives.


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